Please inquire if you don’t see something that tickles your tastes buds ~ we are happy to oblige!


BANANA Moist and loaded with bananas

CONFETTI  Vanilla cake dappled with confetti. 

SALTED CARAMEL A sweet toasted caramel flavor cake.  

                                                                 ALMOND CAKE

 Wonderful light, fluffy, moist almond cake.

                                                         MEYER LEMON Our classic vanilla cake with the addition of fresh lemon zest.

COCONUT This extra moist coconut cake derives its rich flavor from coconut cream.
CARROT Without a doubt the best carrot cake you have ever had! Promise, no raisins!

APPLE SPICE An unexpectedly decadent cake that is the perfect blend of apples and spice.

 PUMPKIN SPICE Everything you love about pumpkin pie has been translated into this delicious cake.

STRAWBERRY Fresh strawberry puree and preserves gives this cake it's natural flavor and pretty in pink color.

DECADENT CHOCOLATE A rich chocolate devils food cake.
RICH CHOCOLATE An intensely flavorful and moist chocolate cake. 

BANANA CHOCOLATE Extra moist and extra rich with the addition of dark chocolate chips.

 RED VELVET A southern tradition, this cake is delicious cross between chocolate and vanilla and of course with the signature red color.


VANILLA Flavored with real vanilla. 

CHOCOLATE Made with rich dark chocolate.

PEANUT BUTTER Flavored with smooth, creamy peanut butter.

SALTED CARAMEL Flavored with fleur de sel and our in house made caramel. 

CINNAMON CREAM CHEESE Vanilla and cinnamon.

COCONUT Made with coconut cream and the addition of toasted coconut. 

ESPRESSO Vanilla buttercream enhanced with the addition of freshly made espresso.

COOKIES & CREAM The classic cookie crushed and added to our vanilla buttercream. 

CHOCOLATE KAHLUA FROSTING Sweet and rich with the addition of Kahlua

MEYER LEMON Flavored with the addition of fresh made Meyer lemon cream.

PINEAPPLE Prepared with a reduction of fresh pineapple puree. 

MAPLE Flavored with all natural maple syrup.

RASPBERRY Made with fresh raspberry puree.

STRAWBERRY Made with fresh strawberry puree.

                                                             ALMOND  The addition of caramelized almonds add a nice crunchiness.






Any of our buttercream flavors can also be used as fillings


                                                          Additional custom creations and flavors available as individual as you are