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Here’s what a few had to say about Sugar Dot Bake Shop.


Renee T.~ Kristin did an amazing job at our wedding. We didn't want a big cake so opted for mini desserts. It's rare that every single item is delicious but they all were!  Our guests were commenting on our desserts all night long. I loved the ginger snap cookies, the pumpkin cheesecake with caramel swirl, the carrot cake cupcakes and the lemon tarts with raspberries. Yum! I wish you had a shop so we could get these desserts on a regular basis. Thank you Sugar Dot Bake Shop for making our day special.


David B. ~ Be honest: have you ever eaten a big wedding cake that tasted good? I mean really good? As good as the best dessert at your favorite restaurant? Chocolate-truffle, melt-in-your-mouth, oh-my-gosh-if-this-were-a-human-I'd-be-walking-it-­down-the-aisle good?

Me neither.

See, the problem with wedding cakes is that they're designed to look beautiful. This requires sacrifices to ensure durability, portability, and structural integrity, resulting in a cake with fondant that tastes like a sugary particle-board and a sponge with the texture of floral foam.

At our wedding, we opted for desserts that our guests might actually enjoy, rather than obliging them to make that forced "mmmmm" sound one uses when humoring people, like, say, fans of Transformers 4.

Enter Kristin of Sugar Dot Bake Shop, who prepared hundreds of bite-sized desserts (Meyer lemon tarts, pumpkin cheesecakes, chocolate peanut butter kisses, chocolate truffles, carrot cupcakes, and ginger cookies) that were stunningly delicious and beautifully arranged. This tasty menagerie offered a variety of sweets, so the guests who were allergic to gluten or dairy or chocolate didn't have to sob quietly in the corner while everyone else raved over dessert.

Kristin even made a miniature wedding cake (which, not subject to the structural requirements of a cake the size of a tractor tire, was also delicious) for us to cut and publicly smear into each others' faces, as is the custom.

What's more, she crafted all these desserts and delivered and arranged them at a price far more reasonable than that of a typical, usurious wedding provisioner.


Anais S. ~ Sugar Dot Bake Shop made bite size treats for my wedding last year that were absolutely fabulous. In fact they were so popular people are still talking about them a year later. We ordered a variety that included the lemon tart, carrot cake, pumpkin cheesecake and a chocolate. The cheesecake was the fan favorite, but I personally was in love with the carrot cake. Everything Kristin made for us was gluten free, but you really couldn't tell and people seemed shocked when I told them. I would order treats from this bakery again in a heartbeat. Kristin is also a sweetheart and very easy to work with. This place gets an A+ in my book.


Sian O. ~ Dear Sugar Dot,

The cake we ordered for Lewis's birthday was/is truly stupendous. It is SO delicious. Sadly just before the party started, our 14lb cat came and sat on the box!!! Right over Mario's face. Disaster. Lewis was actually okay about it. The cat sat on the box -so the cake itself was still good but there was some frosting that I had to scrape off the box back onto the cake. The damage was relatively minor though the design was ruined. Even so the cake was absolutely fantastic. Now it haunts me in the fridge.......I can not forget it is there and will not be able to relax until it is all gone.


Justin B. ~

Best cake ever!!!!!
We used Sugar Dot Bake Shop for our wedding and they made the absolute best cake I have ever tasted. And guess what - it was gluten free!!
We also had cupcakes made for all of our guests and they were amazing as well.
I can't recommend Sugar Dot enough - the cakes & cupcakes are some of the best I have EVER tasted and they are extremely professional, courteous and punctual.
For all of your wedding/party/event needs (or if you just want some sweets) call them up right now - you will NOT regret it!!!!




Allison S. ~ Kristin did the desserts for our June 7th wedding in Capitola. We both aren't huge cake people so she was the perfect person to do our wedding. She made the most AMAZING mini desserts. Some of our friends were just standing at the dessert table for a good half hour just sampling everything. She also made us a small cake to do our cutting and it was beautiful as well as delicious if that is what you'd prefer. Probably one of the most unique things about Kristin is that she stays for your ENTIRE wedding. She is literally there when it starts and doesn't leave until all the guests are leaving. So she makes sure everything looks amazing, nothing is melting, it is restocked, etc. She personally does all of that. Very nice touch and she doesn't charge some crazy extra cost for that, it was just part of her service. Also, for our tasting she came all the way from the East Bay to Cupertino. Kristin is super nice, easy to work with and a VERY talented baker. Highly recommend if you are looking for something other than just your standard boring wedding cake.


Richard M. ~Wonderful and beautiful wedding cake and cupcakes! our son was married this past weekend and engaged 2 1/2 weeks before! Krisitn didn't blink an eye. She met with us and presented many amazing options for the big day. Our son and daughter in law were truly pleased with the outcome, our guests enjoyed the cupcakes immensely and we loved the seamless communications with Krisitn and the Sugar Dot Bake Shop. Highly recommended(:


Michelle E.~ My husband and I hired Kristin for our wedding because she came very highly recommended from our wedding planner. our experience was so positive and she really went above and beyond. Not only did she work with my dietary restrictions and allow us to pot for a gluten free red velvet wedding cake at no additional charge, but she also hand delivered it to our venue on our wedding day along with cupcakes for our guests. She was also kind enough to bring a cupcake tower for us as well and arranged everything beautifully.  

I will never forget taking that first bite of that gluten free red velvet cake. Truly the best cake my husband and I have tasted (gluten free or otherwise) and I hope to have more excuses to order it again in the future! I didn't get a chance to try the cupcakes because of my unfortunate food allergy but our guests RAVED about them. She also made a couple cupcakes for our vegan guests which they loved. Thank you Krisitn for everything and I couldn't recommend Sugar Dot Bake Shop more.


Leslie V. ~  My husband and I live in NYC and had our wedding in Santa Cruz, CA. We didn't know of any bakers in CA (let alone SC) and our wedding planner suggested SDBS. We are SO glad she did! Kristin really listened to what we wanted and made our dream desserts come to life. We originally wanted to fly in our desserts from Momofuku Milk Bar (a well known and expensive sweet shop in NYC) but the cost just didn't fit. Kristen ended up making cookies and cakes that were even better than Momofuku and at a fraction of the cost! Seriously, the cakes she made (in a variety of awesome flavors) were the best cake I've ever tasted in my life. And the cookies were chewy, delicious bites of heaven! I would HIGHLY recommend SDBS to anyone we needs delicious desserts at a great price!


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